Zorc Necrophades

Zorc Necrophades is the god of darkness and rules over Dark World. Even though he isn't as strong as some of the other world rulers, he is considered the most powerful, since he has the largest army.


Zorc was born when the Millennium Items were originally created. He was summoned by Akhenaden, one of the Pharaoh's priests, in Kul Elna village. Zorc attempted to destroy the human world but was stopped by the Pharaoh at the time, Atem. He was sealed in the Millennium Items for over 3,000 years.

Duelist KingdomEdit

Although, he did not appear in this arc, the Necrophades Cult, led by it's current leader, Zenaku Tanaka, began it's plan to resurrect their dark lord. At the end of the tournament they took Pegasus' Millennium Eye

Battle CityEdit

The Necrophades Cult skipped the Battle City tournament and continued to attack Jason Krueger, who had become their main target. They also continued their search for the Millennium Items, taking Marik's Millennium Rod, Bakura's Millennium Ring and Yugi's Millennium Puzzle

Dark One ComethEdit

The Necrophades Cult finally arrived in Egypt and attacked the Eye of Horus, taking Shadi's Millennium Key and Millennium Scale, and Ishizu's Millennium Necklace. With all 7 Millennium Items in their position, they travelled to Kul Elna village, where Zorc was originally born, and resurrected him. Krueger, his friends and the Eye of Horus finally arrived but couldn't fight Zorc off. Shouhei Matsuda betrayed the Necrophade Cult and distracted Zorc for long enough so the Eye of Horus could combine the three Egyptian God Cards into The Creator God of Light, Horakhty. Zorc barely survived the battle and retreated, along with the remains of the Necrophades Cult, to their base in Domino City. Using all the power he could, he tried to bring forth the Dark Horde from Dark World, but he could only bring in a small percentage of them. He spent the next seven years, trying to find out how to bring back his powers, and found out the only way was to absorb the energy of the Egyptian God Cards or monsters with similar powers. Zorc couldn't get his hands on the God Cards, since they were so well protected, but he found out about the Sacred Beasts, which were sealed under Duel Academy for protection.


After three years of preparation, Zorc has sent two of his minions to Duel Academy, so they can find out as much information as possible about the building and the Sacred Beasts. Then after giving him enough information, Zorc, the Necrophades Cult and the Dark Horde will go to Duel Academy and use the Sacred Beasts to revive his full powers. He will then bring forth his full army and then will take over the world.