Ra yellow is the highest of Duel Academy. The dorm is mostly made up of students who have connections and are rich. Luxurious interior design and high-quality rooming. In order to enter Ra yellow, upon enrollment, not only does one needs to have very strong decks and great strategies, needs to have high grades in the written exams, buts needs to be in Obelisk blue and must have a high score in an exam in order to be promoted to Ra yellow. This dorm will always and always will only have male students. This dorm will never or never will have female students. This dorm does not accept female students. This dorm only accepts male students.


Professor Sartyr


Ishiki Erishi

Uchimura Americana

Zane Truesdale

Atticus Rhodes

Yusuke Fujiwara

Taigo Sorano


Koyo Hibiki