Duel Academy is the setting of most of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It is a dedicated school that trains Duelists to a professional level, so they can ideally enter the Pro League. It has three dormitories: Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, and Obelisk Blue. Students there usually wear blazers that match their dorm color. It is owned by Claudia Donovan and Jason Krueger.

Duel Academy has four main subsidiaries: North Academy, South Academy, East Academy and West Academy. Due to these locations, Duel Academy has sometimes been referred unofficially as Central Academy.

Duel (Central) AcademyEdit

It was created by Claudia Donovan and Jason Krueger, whom made the Rank Structure of the Students. The Central Academy is located on an Island with a Dock for boats, a Volcano, Beach and a lake, Cliffs and Waterfalls. It has the Main Academy Building where the Students go to learn how to duel, a Gym Building separated from the Main Building located beyond the Beach. It has 5 Dorms for the Students, 1 Abandoned Dorm and the other Dorms are for the Students.

Structure of the DormsEdit

The 4 Dorm Buildings that houses the Students are separated into ranking of the students, with the Low End Duelists in the Obelisk Blue Dorm, the Middle Ground Duelists in the Slifer Red Dorm, and the High Ranked Duelists in the Ra Yellow Dorm (which is the only Dorm shown to be separated into 2 buildings; one for the guys and the other for the girls).

The Rankings of the StudentsEdit

The Dorms were separated into 3 groups by Jason's views of the Egyptian Gods as it related to how they felt of the people who originally had the 3 Egyptian Gods.

  • Obelisk Blue is named after the Egyptian God Card Obelisk the Tormentor which was originally owned by Seto himself. They wear Blue Jackets. This is the lowest level in the rankings.
  • Slifer Red is where the mid-level Duelists are housed. It was named after the Egyptian God Card Slifer the Sky Dragon which was originally owned by Yugi Moto. The students of this dorm wear Red Jackets.
  • Ra Yellow is where the high-level Duelists are housed. It was named after the Egyptian God Card The Winged Dragon of Ra which was originally owned by Marik Ishtar. The students of this dorm wear Yellow Jackets.

When the organization Society of Light invaded the Duel Academy, the attire for those who "joined" them is similar to that of the Obelisk Blue uniform for males and females. The only difference is the alteration in colors from royal blue and white design to white and lavender design. In addition, the duel gloves are changed from royal blue to white as well.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D'sEdit

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In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's there is a modern Duel Academy in New Domino City.